La Danse Wear Boutique

As a convenience to our students and their families, we offer a complete line of dance wear at a discount, including shoes and accessories.

Class Attire

Proper attire for class is important for developing dance technique. Freedom of movement is essential for proper execution of movements. Proper dance attire allows all students to concentrate on their dance achievements rather than their appearance.

The following are the requirements for each class.

Ballet - leotard, skirt, tights, and pink ballet slippers

Tap - leotard, tights, and black tap oxfords

Jazz - leotard, tights, and turners

Lyrical - leotard, tights, and turners

Salsa - leotard, tights, and pedinis

Modern - leotard, footless tights

Acro-Gymnastics - leotard, tights or biker shorts, and gymnastic shoes

Combo Classes - leotard, tights, pink ballet slippers, and white tap shoes

Hip Hop - leotard, leggings, tights or shorts, and light weight sneakers

Boys - black or blue sweats or shorts, La Danse or white t-shirt, and proper footwear

  • All students must wear a black La Danse leotard with approved skirts, shorts and pants.

  • All students must wear tights (footless allowed in Modern).

  • Hair must be neat and firmly secured for all classes. Please be sure you have hair ties - we do not have them to supply. Leave all headbands and fancy hair clips at home.

  • No jewelry except for small post earrings will be allowed.

  • Dance t-shirts or sweaters may be worn over leotards as long as they are not oversized but only when weather warrants it.

  • Students will not be allowed into class with oversize shirts of any kind.

  • The dress code is strictly enforced. Any student not conforming to the above requirements will be issued a warning for the first offense. The second will result in that student being barred from class and a parental meeting requested.