Class Descriptions

Creative Movement

(Ages 2 to 3 1/2) Creative Movement is an introduction to the foundations of dance through imaginary movement in a fun and challenging way. There is no forced technique at such an early age, but merely encouraging student imitation using rhythmic activities, songs, pre-ballet moves and tumbling.


(Ages 4 to 5) Ballet and tap fundamentals are taught using proper terminology and body placement. Learning techniques are developed to give the student an awareness of body, rhythm and balance.

Combo I

(Ages 5 to 6) This class features 1/2 hour of ballet and a 1/2 hour of tap techniques and terminologies while increasing the students’ awareness of proper body alignment. Students lean to use movement as an expression of themselves while developing strength and poise.

Combo II

(Ages 7 to 8) This class combines 45 minutes of ballet and 45 minutes of tap techniques. Working beyond the fundamentals of ballet & tap, using more advanced technique and exercises... students also focus on developing stage presence and confidence.

Combo III

(Ages 8 to 10) Combo II is a prerequisite for this class and teacher approval may be required for entry. A certain level of ballet and tap techniques are necessary, as jazz fundamentals are introduced at this level with a focus on rhythm and movement. This class features 40 minutes of ballet, tap and jazz.

Classical Ballet

(All Graded Classes) Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance. Students are encouraged to take at least one ballet class per week. Beginning with the basic positions and working through advanced barre and center work, the ballet class emphasizes correct body placement and proper movement of head and arms.

Pointe (On Toe)

Pointe work will be added to a student’s ballet curriculum when sufficient skill and strength is achieved. Instructor approval is necessary to participate in pointe class.


(All Graded Classes) At all levels, tap classes emphasize projection, sound clarity, impeccable technique and personality while utilizing ballet and jazz movements to compliment the intricate footwork.


(Ages 8 and Up) Jazz dancing is a combination of many dance styles including lyrical, funk, character and Broadway musical styles. This class is ideal for rhythm, toning and expression.


(Ages 5 and Up) Tumbling and acrobatics are combined in this class. Proper limbering, exercise and body placement are stressed to develop clean lines, strong body and flexibility. Classes are graded and students are placed according to ability, not age.

Lyrical Jazz

(All Graded Classes) Lyrical combines ballet and jazz techniques with emphasis on expression through movement. Students are taught improvisational techniques as well as the use of imagery. All lyrical students are required to take a ballet class.

Hip Hop

(Ages 5 and Up) Hip Hop teaches a funky style of street jazz focusing on the latest dance styles and fads. A unique class for all those who want to have a great time!

Modern Dance

(Ages 7 and Up) Modern dance is a zealous dance that enriches the mind, body and spirit of each student. This class establishes movement patterns that allow students to dance with their whole being. The class explores time, shape, energy, space and quality of movement.


(Ages 7 and Up) Salsa is a very energetic Latin dance. Students learn the techniques that develop transition and directional movements while applying timing, leading and following connections. A lot of fun—this class features spins, sharp movements and crisp turns.

Musical Theatre

(Ages 7 and Up) Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. The story and emotional content are communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the class. Various musicals and performance styles will be emphasized in this fun and entertaining class.


Zumba is a fun-filled, high energy drop in class. It meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-9pm. Payment is made per class directly to the certified Zumba instructor, Miss Gina.